Our company has been founded in 1992; our purpose has always been the distribution of spare parts for spinning machines with the direct technical support to the spinning manager. We are a team of highly motivated and specialized people both commercially and technically so that the customer can have our total support. Financial choices we took, allowed us and today still allow us, a strong expansion. We work with our own capital and we operate with national/international banks and two local banks. We deal with the whole world, through our agents but also directly with the spinning mills.    
  Our location is very important for the quality and the speed of the service because we can rely upon hundreds of well-correlated sub-suppliers: from carpentry to precision mechanics, from plastic to electronics that we coordinated with our technicians to guarantee to the customer an excellent quality and a good technical support.
We have any difficulty to test new products, in fact each week we have to add in our warehouse new parts: this is a very careful acticity in our organisation, because the study and the verify of the quality are very important for the stocks and for the following earn. we use project working and we feel at ease in the globalized market and competition is very exciting to us to face new aims.